12 September
CoVEX is marking its position as a part of IEO in Crypto

CoVEX hasannounced its IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)(as IEO in Crypto)  from 1st October 2019-20thOctober, 2019 which is an extremely huge deal. WHY? First of all, now you willbe able to buy CoVEX Coins at various different exchanges not just CoVEXExchange. The coins will be available at $0.85 during this time period markingits presence in the list of upcoming IEO or IEO Crypto list.

At an era where most of the block chain companies arefinancing themselves via ICO, IEOs are already rare. IEO Exchanges are presentat low counts and even rare are upcoming IEO or IEO Crypto list.  Binance IEO is the most significant one rightnow. Contradicting to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), an IEO in crypto has been administeredby a crypto exchange on behalf of the startup that seeks to raise funds withits newly issued tokens which is a standardized process itself.

IEO in crypto will allow selected and approved crypto currencyplatforms to sell CoVEX Coins. The name of the authorized platforms will beannounced soon. Once these platforms participating in the IEO (IEO in Crypto) areannounced, Users can simply register, signup and start buying CoVEX Coins. Itwill also be mae available via IEO Exchange.

Currently also available via private sale, CoVEX Coins arealready hitting the sales at fast rate. This is due to the fact that CoVEX willburn 20% of total CoVEX fee received in each quarter. 100 million tokens overthe years from the CoVEX fee earn until total supply reduced to total 150million. Also, CoVEX’s “discount in trading” feature ensures that CoVEX holderswith more than 1,000 CoVEX Coins will be entitled to a huge 50% discount inbuying and selling fees. Seems like a win-win situation for the traders lookingat the list of upcoming IEO or IEO Crypto list.

Including the IEO in Crypto feature via CoVEX Coin IEO, otherunique features of CoVEX Coins include CoVEX has an Incentive for Stake (IFS)model that is designed specifically to maintain a continuous rewards programfor CoVEX Token Holders. From the revenue generated by CoVEX, token holders aresubjected to rewards just by holding CoVEX Tokens.

Now that is definitely an investment you don’t want to missout on. This is possible entirely dues to revenue generated from six platformsunder CoVEX. CoVEX officially has six dfferent platforms dedicated to sixdifferent services. These platforms include CoVEX Exchange, Social Trading,Margin Trading, P2P Loan, Payment Gateway and Prepaid Card. And as it goes,CoVEX will be releasing the products according to its roadmap.

The strong foundation of the organization also supports the ideologyof CoVEX of serving its users. As a result, CoVEX token will become one of themost highly distributed tokens in the Ethereum network and also other IEOExchange. It is definitely a coin to lookout at upcoming IEO list or IEO Cryptolist.

BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, USDT approved bythe selected crypto exchanges can also be used as payment method. Users cansend the desired amount of cryptocurrency to the selected exchanges and receiveCoVEX Tokens in exchange after IEO (IEO in Crypto). There are plans toeventually include other coins as payment as well. CoVEX Coins are alsoexpected to be a stable coin while maintaining its value via revenues andgrowing exponentially and the first step is via IEO in Crypto by conductingCoVEX IEO and by being available via IEO Exchange.

As IEO in crypto are currently, relatively rare in thecrypto community, it is not that hard to find one that you like. With thesuccess of Binance IEO, IEOis very promising. CoVEX has surely come up with a strong idea and ROIframework attracting traders keen on finding offers particularly searching forIEO in crypto. Talking more about CoVEX, it offers traders a hybrid tradingplatform with excellent trading tools, volatility alerts, market updates,current news and a dedicated team of customer support. It is also tailored foreveryday use and provides a robust and secure environment for yourcryptocurrency, direct transactions and instant IEO exchange.

CoVEX is accessible 24/7 worldwide on your laptop, desktopor mobile devices alike and offers bank-grade security and next-generationaccount protection. Encrypted SSL connection over HTTPS, 2-factorauthentication and trusted IPs. Users can also earn more CoVEX tokens based ona host of referral and invitation program features. The CoVEX platform will notonly allow traders to exchange cryptocurrency but also to share their ideas,enhance their copy trading skills and compete with others’ trades within theCoVEX network. With IEO(IEO in crypto) to be processed, CoVEX is moving a stepahead.

CoVEX offers an exceptionaltransaction for all trades at a high speed. The fastest cryptocurrency exchangesystem in the world is simple and can be used at your fingertips. It has someunique features that will surely set a new standard in the industry. IEO inCrypto can be considered as the next step to expand the possibilities.

CoVEX is serious about the safety of the platform. Itstrading platform has different security features. It has several securityfeatures such as network protection, network backup, advanced monitoring andmore. With 24 * 7 customer support for all those who need information andadvice. Monitored by experts in the cryptocurrency. The CoVEX helpdesk ensures thatall questions asked by customers are resolved including IEO in crypto forCoVEX.

Its cryptocurrency trading platform is built with a specialfocus on the needs and requirements of the cryptocurrency community. CoVEXoffers its customers the opportunity to experience the best trading and tradingplatform on both websites and mobile devices. The search for a reliablecryptocurrency exchange platform is a complicated and complicated task. CoVEXis an online bitcoin exchange and cryptocurrency exchange platform thatincludes some of the essential features such as security, multiple exchangeoptions and high market liquidity.

It is right now the only platform for traders to exchangecryptocurrencies, use social trading tools, access credit options, acceptpayments and use prepaid card services under one single application. Moreover,you can also exchange cryptocurrencies, use social trading tools, access creditoptions, accept payments and use prepaid card services with one singleapplication. Similar to Binance IEO, these are the strong features to supportCoVEX’s IEO in crypto procedure and upcoming IEO list or IEO Crypto list.

Fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange, CoVEX is preparing forone of its most anticipated Initial Exchange Offering (IEO in Crypto), which isplanned to take place on the 1st October 2019-20th October 2019. It will alsobe a part of IEO Exchange platforms and a coin to watch out at upcoming IEOlist or IEO Crypto list. So don’t miss out on the valuable CoVEX Coins whileyou can. You can also connect with CoVEX at:

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