09 August
Who Accepts Bitcoins As Payment?

For merchants, it is a huge advantage to accept Bitcoin payments as a business can come from any corner of the world at the single touch of a button.

List of Companies, Stores, Shops

The online coin has been a controversial topic for a while as the volatile cryptocurrency reached a price of nearly $20,000 per unit. In the recent past, bitcoin is worth about $18,790 per unit, but the most merchant still hesitates to accept it as a form of payment. However, there are still 100,000 places around the globe that are willing to take bitcoin, including OverStock.com and online electronics retailer Newegg.com, which uses BitPay. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the better-known places that accept bitcoin:

· WordPress.com

· Overstock.com

· Subway

· Microsoft

· Reddit

· Virgin Galactic

· OKCupid

· Namecheap

· CheapAir.com

· Expedia.com

· Gyft

· Newegg.com

· Wikipedia

· Alza

· The Internet Archive

· Bitcoin.Travel

· The Pirate Bay

· Zynga

· 4Chan.org


· Mega.co.nz

· Lumfiles

· 93 Etsy vendors

· PizzaForCoins.com

· Whole Foods — by buying a purchasing gift card from Gyft

· Bitcoincoffee.com

· Seoclerks.com

· Mint.com

· Fancy.com

· Bloomberg.com

· BigFishGames.com

· Crowdtilt.com

· Gap, GameStop, and JC Penney — by using eGifter.com

· Dish Network

· Euro Pacific

· Intuit

· ExpressVPN.com

· Grooveshark

· Braintree

· mspinc.com

· Rakutan

· Stripe

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