09 August
Everything you need to know about How to Buy Bitcoin ?

With the rise in the values of eachbitcoin, interests in people are rising as well. How to buy bitcoin, is itworth for me to buy bitcoin, what is the bitcoin buy process to name few. Buyingbitcoins is just like buying any other kind of currency. Think about thedifferent ways in which you exchange US dollars for Japanese yen or Mexicanpesos. For small amounts of cash, you could probably find a friend to exchangea few dollars for the currency you need.

For moderate amounts, you can visita currency exchange shop, like those at international airports, which isconvenient but charges high fees. If you want to exchange thousands of dollarsor you are a currency day trader and do not want to pay high fees, you need toregister an account at a currency exchange.

Before discussing how to buybitcoin, let’s discuss where. The truth is that you will have lot of differentways to buy bitcoin, even today: You can purchase them locally, from yourfriends or those in your area; you can buy bitcoin from agents, both online andin brick-and-mortar stores; or you can purchase them from major Bitcoincurrency exchanges.

It is important to remember thatwhenever you go on a bitcoin buy spree, you are buying them from someone who owns them already. Bitcoins are not directlysold from a Bitcoin company. Hence, no individual sets the price of a bitcoin;the price is decided collectively by those who sell and buy them everyday basis.

Ways to BuyBitcoins

Now, how to buy bitcoin isanother part. There are various options when it comes to buying Bitcoins. Forexample, there are currently almost 1,800 Bitcoin ATMs in 50 plus countries. Moreover,you can buy BTC using cryptocurrency exchanges, investment trusts, gift cardsand you can even trade face-to-face. When it comes to other, less popularcryptocurrencies, the purchasing options are not as diverse. However, there are still numerous exchanges whereyou can acquire different crypto-coins for flat currencies or Bitcoins.Face-to-face trading is also a popular crypto-coins for flatcurrencies or Bitcoins. Face-to-face trading is also a popular way of buyingcoins. Bitcoin buy process options depend on cryptocurrencies, their popularityas well as your location.

You can buy bitcoin in three mainways:

  • The easy way- Through middleman companies
  • The efficient way - Through currency exchanges
  • The futuristic and fun way - Through person-to-personpurchases

In anysuccessful idea, there are middlemen who will have answers about how to buybitcoin and conduct the process. Middlemanfirms make money helping out people buy bitcoins easily, with a minimum offuss. These firms usually have good customer service and shield you fromneeding to understand all the complexities of currency trading. However, likeall middlemen, they charge a fee for this convenience or service includinganswering how to buy bitcoin from them.

Anefficient way is to buy bitcoins directly from a Bitcoin exchange like CoVEX.Exchanges directly connect people buying and selling bitcoins using a verysophisticated currency exchange system. These exchanges are advanced and can beintimidating for a beginner. If you plan on choosing an exchange, you mustfirst know how to buy bitcoin and then compare the prices.

However,exchanges are where most large Bitcoin buying and sales happen. For thisreason, exchanges usually offer the best prices for buying bitcoins. Also, bybuying directly from an exchange, you minimize the number of parties involvedin a large purchase, which reduces the risk of a problematic transaction.

Forlarge Bitcoin purchases ($500, 000 or more), always deal directly with theexchange. Using an exchange is also a good choice for very smaller purchases,as long as you have the time and inclination to learn the ins and outs on how currency exchange works. It’s recommended youchoose the one with easy interface and advanced system.

Simply answering the question how tobuy bitcoin, bitcoin buy can be conducteddirectly from folks in your area, person-to-person, is the most fun because youget to meet others interested in this currency. Of course, trading moneydirectly with strangers might make some people very uncomfortable. But most bitcoiners believe that person-to-personbitcoin buy processes are likely the wave of the future.

Some hope for a more decentralizedworld in which huge corporations become obsolete as technology makes it morepractical and convenient for people to interact directly. Perhaps some-dayface-to-face exchanges will become the most efficient, cheapest, and thefastest way to buy bitcoins.

 Now,the easiest way to buy bitcoins is via an established Bitcoin middleman, moreaccurately called a Bitcoin exchangeintermediary. Exchange intermediaries consist of firms that have alreadyregistered their own accounts on one or more Bitcoin exchanges and will buy orsell bitcoins on behalf of you.

Typically,exchange intermediaries offer to sell Bitcoins only at the market price; you can not set your own price. Additionally, thesecompanies may convert currency in one direction. For instance, during the 2013Bitcoin price went up, many folks new to the Bitcoin community wanted topurchase bitcoins quickly.

Notsurprisingly, many businesses that traded bitcoins for dollars, but notnecessarily dollars for bitcoins, quickly appeared to fill this requirement.

Thereare also good benefits to using a middleman, however. The paper­ work involvedis minimal, and many services offer to get you bitcoins­ in minutes. The feesrange from 1 to 10 percent, but the service and customer support are oftenbetter than with exchanges. But even after knowing how to buy bitcoin you needto figure out the correct trade strategies. This comes from experience most ofthe time.

Now that you know how to buybitcoin, you should try choosing a firm that charges the lowest fees and offersthe best user experience. Be sure to check online for reviews of these servicesand try to figure out if they have a good reputation in the Bitcoin communitybefore making your decisions. Many of these services operate only in limitedregions, so some might not be available for you. One fast , effective, userfriendly but at the same time advanced with low trade fee is CoVEX Exchangewhich is currently making a wave amongst buy and sell platforms.