Application for Listing/IEO

COVEX Listing Application Form 2020

Thank you for your interest in the COVEX Exchange, please fill out the application form with valid information, we will review your project based on the information you provided, if anything is found to be invalid or false, your project will not be considered for listing or IEO on COVEX.


1. Please do not push us on giving the status of your project during the review process for listing and IEO, the review for each project will take time and the research deep, there won’t be a date guaranteed for reviewing. The best thing to do is to provide clear concise information on your application and do not leave any detail out, no matter how small you think it may be

2. Please do not pre-transfer any funds or tokens to us or any third parties, we won’t confirm any transfer beyond the requirements from our official listing/IEO.

3. COVEX Team will be speaking directly with the decision maker of your team is required, this will be considered as part of the project review.

4. No project shall use the COVEX name in any publication whether Online or in print without the express written consent of COVEX and any such announcements may only be made after the COVEX official announcement if your token is listed or IEO on COVEX. All prospective projects will have a Non-Disclosure Agreement to review, sign and return before any details about the project listing will be discussed.

Service type (*)

1. Legal entity of the project

a. Name of the Legal entity who is in charge of the project (*)

b. Place of Registration (*)

c. Time of Registration (*)

2. Project Information

2.1 Project Name (*)

2.2 Project official website (*)

2.3 Link to the latest version of the project white paper (*)

2.4 Project Positioning/brief introduction of the project

2.5 Project Whitepaper Link

2.6 Project OnePager Link

2.7 Project GitHub Link

2.8 Project Blockchain explorer Link

2.9 Project One sentence pitch

3. Project token information

3.1 The name of the project tokens, as is available in Coinmarketcap and/or Etherscan (for ERC20 tokens) (*)

3.2 What's the token type? E.g. ERC20, ERC223 (*)

3.3 If your project token is non-ERC20, please provide us a list of top 20 largest token wallet addresses, their respective percentage of the total, and detail of their ownership (team, institutional investors, private investors). (*)

3.4 The total supply of tokens (*)

3.5 Token decimal (*)

3.6 Upload logo/image (*)

3.7 Project Coin/Token type

3.8 Project Coin/Token Ticker

4. Please provide your project's user community information

4.1 If the project already has a product or product beta, please list its current monthly active users

4.2 Please list the number of people who follows your project at the social media platforms mentioned below (*)

4.3 Please specify numbers of media coverage of the project and please kindly include links of significant stories in the appendix of this form

5. Contact Info

5.1 Name

5.2 Your position in the company

5.3 E-mail

5.4 Contact Telegram

5.5 Contact Phone number